Venom Inc. – Nine

Lyrics Nine – Venom Inc.

Limbo and lust
Then feed your gluttony
Greed and anger
Expose your heresy
Violence, fraud
And what you see
The frozen waste
Of treachery

Here in his hands
The depths of your mind he demands
Lost, broken souls
The Nine measures how far you go

Living, hating, every f**king day
Lying, dying, in every f**king way
Using, abusing everything you do
Earth or Hell it’s all the same to you

Beat em, eat em no-one f**king cares
Spineless f**kers who stand and stare
Judging you like they set the f**king bar
Nothing, no one is who the really are

Wise to despise them every f**king bit
Leave em standing buried in the s**t
Live your life, do it your own way
F**k em, losers, what they gonna say

Spew their vomit they haven’t got a clue
What they say has no effect on you
They’ll find out when they think they’re doing fine
Your number is Nine

Wise and powerful sitting on the net
What they think is what you f**king get
What does it mean when they don’t have a life
Your number is Nine

Judgement or understanding
But there’s nothing now you can do
Nine descending circles
I hope you’re enjoying your view

Limbo and lust
Then feed your gluttony
Greed and anger
Expose your heresy
Violence, fraud
And what you see
The frozen waste
Of treachery…

Album: There’s Only Black
Venom Inc. | 2022

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