V. Rose – Cry Holy

Lyrics Cry Holy – V. Rose

I need you to imagine how they whipped Him
How they beat Him they opened up His back with every lash and tore off pieces
The place He stood was slick from all the blood that He was bleeding
He could have stayed right there as if He was defeated
But no
He knew that no one else could save the world
They need Him
And so He took the form of wretched man they called Him Jesus
He left His throne in Heaven
Then Satan had deceived them
He had to go to earth and trade His life to win our freedom oh

I close my eyes and see Him
All of His life depleted
Hanging upon a tree with nails put through His hands and feet and
I know that I’m the reason
Because of my constant treason
It was my own complete sin
That caused this awful treatment
But one day I’m going to meet Him
I’ll fall on my face when I see Him
Thank Him for all that He did
I’ll be free then

And when I do see Jesus
I won’t ask Him why we die
I won’t ask Him to explain the planets
I’ll be spending all my time
Crying holy, holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy,
Holy, holy, holy.

And when I do see Jesus
I would love to pick His brain
Like how’d it feel to die and live again but I’ll be too busy crying holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy

And when I do see Jesus
I will cry a million tears
I’ll join the angels singing what they have sung a million years
They’ll be singing holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy

You didn’t have to do it
But You did it anyway
Someone had to die for sin
So You came and took my place
How could I not cry holy
Holy, holy, holy

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