Lyrics Unholy Matrimony – GIVEON

[Chorus 1]
White gown hanging in the closet
Black tuxedo that I never got to wear
No invitation sent out anywhere
We don’t have any guest to fill the chairs
I believe we could’ve been together in a past life
But right now we’re committed to the fast life
All we’re waiting for behind these chapel doors
Is a crashing course to a bad divorce

[Verse 1]
Walking down the aisle to the organ
Playing “Here Comes The Bridе” as a warning
The reality set in
Wе don’t wanna do this anymore
Can’t go through with this no more
Cold feet, someone, speak up
Or forever, hold your peace
Stand up, say it loud
Hear the whispers in the crowd
Somebody stop us now
Before we say our vows
Rice thrown in the air
Family cheer and praise (Praise)
Droptop drives away
“Just married” on our plates
Before we get too far
And this ends the hard way (Way)
[Chorus 2]
Just keep your white gown in the closet
And this black tuxedo that I never get to wear
No flower girl to walk with the ring bearer

No grooms and no raising glass in air

[Verse 2]
Well, now I know, we’ll never know what happens
When our love just ain’t the same no more
There’s only divorce, we’re waiting for our time
When emotions run their course

[Chorus 3]
White gown in the closet (Closet)
And these rings that we’ll never get to wear
Bridesmaids won’t catch bouquets in the air
Train of garment won’t be dragging down the stairs

Our love story’s ended way too soon
You’re supposed to love me to the tomb
Hardly stood a chance to tell the truth
Speak, baby, tell me that you knew
We came all this way to lose

[Interlude: GIVĒON’s mother]
But, what I did learn, is
Love will give you what you need
But also, take what you don’t appreciate
This is crazy
This is crazy
Anyway, umm
Alright, I’ma get off the phone ’cause
I got some crying to do
It’s happy tears, though
Love you


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