The Juice – Cannon AMG Remix

Lyrics Cannon AMG Remix – Detroit Red, Drama, Freeway, Juice, Lil Wayne, T.I., The Juice, Willie the Kid

Alright Mr. Thanksgiving
It’s for the money this time (Drama)

Howdy do motherfuckers, it’s Weezy Baby
Niggas bitchin’ and I gotta tote the cannon
Listen close I got duct tape and rope
I’ll leave you missin’ like the fuckin’ O’Bannons
One hand on my money, on hand on my buddy
That’s the A-K forty seven made his neighborhood love me
Bullets like birds you can hear them bitches hummin’
Don’t let that bird shit, he got a weak stomach
Niggas know I’m sick I don’t spit I vomit
Got it?
One egg short of the omelet
Simon says, shoot a nigga in his thigh and leg
And tell him catch up like mayonnaise, um
I’m the sickest nigga doin’ it
Bet that baby
These other niggas dough I’m wet crack baby, yes
Get back get back boy this a set back
Clumsy ass niggas slip and fall into a death trap
Them boys pussy, born without a backbone
And if you strapped we can trade like the Dow Jones
Wet him up, I hope he got his towel on
I aim at the moon, and get my howl on
Some niggas cry wolf, I’m on that dry kush
And when it comes to that paper I stack books
You heard what I said
I can put you on your feet
Or put some money on your head
Life ain’t cheap
You’re better off dead
If you can’t pay the fee
Shout out my nigga fee
See every mother fucker at the door don’t get a key
You outside lookin’ in, so tell me what you see
Its about money its bigger than me
I told my homies don’t kill him bring the nigga to me, yea
Don’t miss, you fuckin’ with the hit man
Kidnap a nigga make him feel like a kid again

Straight up, I ain’t got no conversation for ya
Nigga talk to the (cannon)
Have a few words with the (cannon)
Tell it to my mother fuckin’ (cannon)
Straight up, I ain’t got no conversation for ya
Nigga talk to the (cannon)
Have a few words with the (cannon)
Tell it to my mother fuckin’ (cannon)

I make it hard for rap niggas I’m peer pressure
Matter fact I’m motivation to rap better
I show niggas how to act how to dress better
I stay fresh more fitted caps than bat catchers
I’m the crack
The smack
The gun
The rule
The gat
The strap
The gun
The tool
The motherfuckin’ (cannon)
Other words I’m the real, for real
We can go check for check or bill for bill
We can go chick for chick or skill for skill
The deal is sealed
Niggas ain’t real as Will cause I’m a (cannon)
And I handle well pedal like Cannondale
And I got the fifty cal mag its a hand-held
I’m tellin’ you niggas I pop put a shell in you niggas
My nice watch’ll Helen Keller you niggas
I got whores in the cannon camcorder bendin’ over
Blowin’ game by the quarter weed over in the Rover nigga

From Philly to where I’m landin I’m a cannon
And I’m on that Philly fire shit
Then I come fully equipped
You try me get bodied keep the shawty in the whip
If a nigga try to stick me I’m a blam him
Sing a long da da da di I’m free got the butters
Got the green and got the tan got the whole enchilada
Homie know I’m inside of your house
Tie up your brother
Make the prick call up your mother
She might know where to find you
I am, on top of my job
The heavyweight champ of the flow
Its flow like the ocean, open water you drownin’
I will, four pond ’em
And sink them heat ’em and leave ’em stinkin’
Sharks surround them and eat them nice then know that I will
Roll over ya squad like I’m a one punch card
You chumps, you best call General Motors
I will, take control of your soldiers
You wont listen till I toss them in the wok like chicken
General toaster

This rap shit like diggin’ in the register, dealin’ with big embezzlers
Get it right, I’m better and better than my competitors
Ahead, another level up, me, I’m worth eleven plugs
I can stop rappin’, ain’t I already said enough?
The whole motherfuckin’ game owe me, time to settle up
If I move forward a little slower, you’ll be catching up
Man that’s the shit you need to listen for
‘Cause where I’m from niggas dumb, they’ll give you what you’re itching for
It’s a issue with you, best to handle your business, bro
‘Cause ain’t no politicking when killas comin’ to get you, bro
Hey, although, they don’t know the whole fire
In the dark, shoot sparks like rim with no tire
I don’t deal with the lames, I’d much rather blow by ya
They known to spit a lot of hot air like blow dryers
And I’m really off the wire, look at me, I’m on fire
Here’s some useful information if you don’t know sire
Snort that cake (cake), and I’m not fake (fake)
So you should strongly consider doin’ an about-face
And if not all you gotta say is you wanna get busy
And I’m down, get wit’ me, any time, pick a city
F*ck nigga (cannon)

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