O.V. Wright – He’s My Son (Just the Same)

Lyrics He’s My Son (Just the Same) – O.V. Wright

I just got home from serving my time
There’s a baby in the family, I know he’s not mine
He’s not mine, there’s no way he could be
Oh, I’ve been gone five long years, the little baby is only three

He looks and acts like me, he’s even got my name
Oh, how I love him ’cause he’s my son just the same
He’s a proud little fellow, he’s a cute little lad
Oh, I know the reason he looks and acts like me
‘Cause my brother is in there

She said it happened one time, it was just an accident
He made love to her, she haven’t seen him since
She said, “Will you please forgive me, darling? I’m so ashamed
Oh, will you please love him ’cause he’s your son just the same?”

Baby, so sad, oh, I hate to mourn about
Oh, I love him, I still love him
He’s my son just the same
Oh, I love him, oh, I love him

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