NBA YoungBoy – Black Audio

Lyrics Black – NBA YoungBoy

Who the f**k is lil’ shawty
Where the f**k is yo’ n**ga
How you get to this party
Don’t bring Backwoods, I like Swishers

I gotta Draco in the sack now
Shoot the car, tryna knock out the engine
I keep this s**t kickin’ on top of my pendant
Dirty rod in my pouch, gotta know I ain’t slippin’

Black, hm, hm, I want everything black, uh
I want everything black, I’m buyin’ everything, black
I want that a*s, fat, my Range Rover black
I want a whole ‘nother bag, huh, I want a hundred-round Gat

And I want lil’ shawty, she bad, huh, I wanna beat in the back
And I wanna kill all my opps, they ain’t comin’ back
I want hit her, she thick, I wanna keep dissin’ on tracks
And I went bought like thirty Rollies like a n**ga Ric Flair

Wait, hm, like a n**ga Ric Flair, mm
And I want damn near thirty Rollies like a n**ga Ric Flair
Ha, haha, like a n**ga Ric Flair, ha
And I’m so high, might fly a b**ch off, finna dye my hair

These rappers be talkin’ this s**t and they broke
And they know for a fact I make slimes pull up
They be stealin’ the swag so we f**kin’ they ho
Pick her up, beat the b**ch in the back of my truck
I don’t care, all this money not here for the shirt
Let her ride me on top while I sit in the chair
I be fiendin’, b**ch, I be takin’ these kills
I could pull her s**t off ’cause I pay for the hair

And, I don’t f**k with these n**gas, they h*es
We don’t f**k with these n**gas, they h*es
Why you think we be f**kin’ they h*es
Tell ’em that I was just f**kin’
How you think that I pay for that Rolls
I just kept dope in the paint
They know that I brought my bros…

Written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Jasiah & Powers Pleasant
Album: I Rest My Case
Produced by Jasiah, Kid Krazy & Powers Pleasant
NBA YoungBoy | 2023

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