Mo Thugs Family – Mighty Mighty Warrior

Lyrics Mighty Mighty Warrior – Mo Thugs Family

Krayzie and Felecia (with the Mo Thugs Family):
We are (we are) Mo Thugs (Mo Thugs)
Mighty, mighty warrior (mighty, mighty warrior)

We crept and we came
Givin’ you nothin’ but thugsta music, man
We doin’ our thang
My mighty, mighty Mo Thug bringin’ the pain
Soldiers marchin’, all prepared for war
We’re all ready to go, now
I pray, just watch over us, my Lord
Out of time, so I’m expressin’ mine
They said, it’s goin’ to end around ninety-nine
We gotta grind, we gotta grind
Can I please have all of mine while there’s time
Because it’s almost over?
Yeah, roll or get rolled over
Hey, hey, hey
And if you’re rollin’ with me
Then you’re rollin’ with Mo
Pump your fist up high
And let me see ’em for sure
Everybody say Mo, say Mo, say Mo

[Chorus: Thug Queen]
Mighty, mighty warrior destroyin’ ya
Rather have us incarcerated in handcuffs
Than livin’ for lust
In mighty Mo Thug do I trust
Time for Armageddon
Get on your knees and get to repentin’
Heavenly messages, I’m sendin’
My first love is my religion
Quickly repentin’ for my sinnin’
And it baffles me, how could you hate against the
Me, mighty Mo Thug, Thug Queen?
My Almighty Father keep me with deep beliefs
Chief and heavily, to release the stress off of me
Not enough artillery for you to
Fight against me and me Mo mighty


[Souljah Boy]
Like Vagisil cream all off in your uterus
When I got full fists and I’m furious or delerious
Ain’t no cure for the somebody ill with this
While I be villainous
Fin to ?, like ’em or not who gots to stop?
Then stop it, hold on, if you bustas want to fight
Then you gots to go, or will they sniped
Oh, when he roll slow down his window?
Flyin’ high like the Air Force
Sailin’ like a sailboat, gotta get the bail on
Til we soldiers buck up
Leather Face, do you got my back, boy?
Don’t act up, comin’ at ya
Mo Thug be platinum
They don’t explain why you’re hoverin’
Over Cleveland in a copter
Souljah Boy with the glock cocked
And I told ya, it’d be hard to stop us
So proper, I’m a give it to you
Who want it?
When we go ridin’ in, we gon’ bring it
We gon’ sing it, so the ? get tossed up, tossed up


I’m a mighty, mighty warrior
(Warrior, warrior, warrior, warrior)
With my mighty, mighty warriors
(Warriors, warriors, warriors, warriors)
Hey (hey), Krayzie from Bone, brain fried and gone
But I’m mighty, mighty strong (strong)
We mighty Mo Thug
We mighty bet you better back up off me
Or be feelin’ my mighty, mighty wrath
You better ask somebody
This how we get loud and crash the party
The party inside and nobody will hear the violent vibe
No longer quiet, go quiet, let’s pump up the riot


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