Left to Suffer ft. Joe Bad – Primitive Urge

Lyrics Primitive Urge – Left to Suffer feat. Joe Bad of Fit For An Autopsy

I’m sitting while spinning in silence
I’m suffocating on the air we breathe
Rebuild, repent
The thoughts in my head are a f**king disease

And now they’re absent
I hear the disembodied voices
Screaming at me in the past tense
Slowly losing control
And now I know that I am all alone

Slowly counting down
While I’m losing my head with my feet on the ground
Fell in love with what it is
Silently judging me but you don’t know how to live
Now die ’cause I’m feeling alive
And manipulating others is just part of your time
And now you’re dead set, on trying to justify
The only form of self punishment is on the inside

So sick of people trying to tell me how to live
And I can’t decipher what box I’m f**king in
Makes it hard breathe
Even harder to believe
And my feet are tired from walking through hell
Now rest

No one can save me
From the mess I’ve made
Burn my corpse and defile my grave
Becoming manic
And I think it’s time for us to panic

It’s coming to life

I can’t sleep with the thoughts that are locked inside of me
Paralyzed in the lies that are locked in agony
Dance with the dead
I chose suffering instead
The only way out is to cut off my head

We watched the galaxies burn
And chose to suffer and die
To see through the light of day
I pray he blind both my eyes

Blind both my eyes

We can’t stay this f**ked up forever
Slowly pushing through it now we’re in this together
Rise over malice, grow only through pain
Wait for waves to waves to wash away.…

Written by Left to Suffer
Produced by Left to Suffer, Matt Thomas
Left to Suffer | Joe Bad | 2022

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