Javier Mendoza – Waiting

Lyrics Waiting – Javier Mendoza

Can you hear me now
The voices in my head speak out loud
My world is spinning and I keep dreaming
As I fall to the ground

Can you lift me up
My feet keep digging in the mud
My mind is swimming but I’m not quitting
Until my eyes are shut

The sun keeps hiding behind the clouds
As you keep your distance behind your frown
I’ve climbed the mountain to find it all
But I keep on searching while

I’m waiting for the sun
I’m waiting for the rain to fall
I’m waiting without reason
I’m waiting for your call

Si me oyes levántame
Las voces en mi cabeza ya no oyen
Mi mundo da mil vueltas why mi mente sigue suelta
Al caer me unden

Detrás de la nube se esconde el sol
Tu frunces el ceño ocultando el valor
Sigo escalando sin encontrar
Pero seguiré buscando mientras

I’m waiting for the sun
Espero al sol que salga
Waiting for the rain to fall
Espero a la lluvia que caiga
Waiting without reason
Espero sin razón
I’m waiting for your call
Espero hasta que oiga tu voz

Am I chasing an empty voice?
Am I just trying to fill a void
Sólo persigo una voz vacia
O tan sólo lleno un alma caida

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