Immolation – Harnessing Ruin

Lyrics Harnessing Ruin – Immolation

Forward moving, never slowing
A soulless machine that hungers for victory
Tear through the soil, tear through the soul
Power in motion, daunting procession

Swift and cunning
Striking down the opposition
Stand and fight
Resist its might and be erased

Rolling forward, like thunder for glory
Seizing the day, seizing the night
All or nothing, and all it will take
Breathing its chaos over the land

Raining down
A storm of fire, intimidating
Its poison touches all
For generations to come

Cutting the throats and bleeding all hopes
Tireless and savage, preying on fear
Courting death, while trampling life
Exist for the battle, live for the war

Assume no blame
The blood it sheds, a purpose served
And when it’s done
We’ll call it back to march again


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