Icewear Vezzo – Richer

Lyrics Richer – Icewear Vezzo

They like, How you comin’ I ain’t got you a check
Like b**ch, you too worried ’bout me
F**k them n**gas, got rich and I beat the odds
Like I ain’t the one you should worry ’bout

Sippin’ raw, pissing codeine and Percocet
PO said I got drug problems
All them playin’ games, I ain’t doin’ no diss songs
Choppa knock all the words out him
Saying prayers, starting to feel like I’m hunted
In the Ghost counting dead pres’

Neck hurtin’, my ice might just eat the pain
Hard to smile, but I shed tears
Since I’m on, got to make sure my n**gas straight
We been working for twelve years
Diggin’ graves, same ones we was trappin’ in
Ran it up, got the bands hid

I been counting one hand, finger
How many people was there when I need ’em
Never turned p**sy, we pledging allegiance
Like f**k who you run with, I be with them tweakers
On God n**gas be playin’ two sides
Got my position, just playin’ my cards
F**k all that talkin’, we playin’ with rods
Send that boy way to malls, he playin’ with us, n**ga

Can’t show us, we ain’t the promoters
Playin’ my song, I’ma rain ’til it’s over
N**gas be hatin’, it ain’t never new
Got Uris on eight points, drink with the shofar
Hope B coming home, I pray they parole him
S**t looking closer, can’t wait ’til it’s over
Stay in yo’ lane, ain’t playin’ no games
Go tell them f**k n**gas go play with controllers

N**ga gettin’ richer, and richer, and richer
I’m gettin’ richer, and richer, and richer..③
Stick to the code, I ain’t cuffin’ no b**ch
N**gas be h*es, they turn into witness
Stand on my own, ain’t trusting no n**ga
Show them boys how to get it, we done turned up the city, n**ga

Money and power, respect
Forty’s and choppas, just fly a Patek
Bust down a dweller, them diamonds VS
So it’s nothing but water run down on my neck
Three hundred ‘bows fly on a jet
Bought a new Rolls and ride through the ‘jects
N**gas be cappin’ like they really steppin’
Really walking s**t down just for the neck, yeah

Lambo’, Offsets, Forgi’s
Rich n**ga love sex, forty
Pills stuffin’, boss b**ch, shorty
.30 hangin’ out, big forty
Audermar, Rolls Gold, frosty
Deep dish stackers on the Audi
Fetty, wap, gotta hit the Dog me
Fifty racks just to hit parties

I’m really havin’ my way, got three 300k, had a hell of a day
Right off the road, run up a check and got froze
A prone, got racks on the Wraith, n**ga
N**gas be h*es in disguise, oh, he gon’ tell It’s all in his eyes
Reach for the chain, you know we goin’
We turn his old b**ch to the Fourth Of July

I’m gettin’ richer, and richer, and richer..④
Stick to the code, I ain’t cuffin’ no b**ch
N**gas be h*es, they turn into witness
Stand on my own, ain’t trusting no n**ga
I’m gettin’ richer, and richer, and richer, n**ga…

Written by Icewear Vezzo & Zillo
Produced by Zillo
Icewear Vezzo | 2022


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