Gräce ft. Ronnie Romero – Evergarden

Lyrics Evergarden – Gräce feat. Ronnie Romero

I feel the summer breeze
I can feel it against your iron skin
Burning our wasted years

War is over, oh my little girl
Don’t blame me for the scars
We drift along this river of vanity
Where fallen angels cry
Praying for my sins

If time is running out for this heartless
And petrifies my eyes
Just leave this grave of mine
Rest on the edge of time

There are still violets
My Evergarden

Walking through this pain
We make our way to the fire
And I don’t care, I don’t care
‘Cause you know we’re banned
So far from Heaven now

Who’ll come to save us
If this world doesn’t give a damn
If we don’t care, we don’t care
‘Cause you know we’re far
So far from Heaven now

I see the summer glow
It spills over my pores and wounds me
Like never before

When every heart has falling for disgrace
Until the end of times
Hiding their black tears

Embrace now this shame that never ends
And let me see your face
‘Cause now my wayward child
We’ll be the fallen ones

There will grow violets
My Evergarden

Save me
While the endless turquoise ocean has fallen
Turning us into these undead…

Written by Isra Dante Ramos
Gräce | Ronnie Romero | 2022


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