DragonForce – The Last Dragonborn

Lyrics The Last Dragonborn – DragonForce

In a time where heroes ruled the earth
The night will fall to our rebirth
On the bloodied stones in the fields in Whiterun lies
As sunsets now on Tamriel
The wounds we find in time will heal
But the dragon soon will return from space and time

Long will be the journey, through the coldest nights we ride
Where the horsemen slay them all
And they’re raped and burned alive
Listen to our enchanted story written in the wind
When the evil comes tonight to claim their lives

Fear the end is coming now
Hold the line keep strong our ground
All fear the nights dark watchmen
Steadfast tonight we’ll crush them
For the wasted journey to the end

See the soaring eagle fly, see the warriors fight and die
See the lighting crack the sky, we’re the last dragonborn
To the mountain we must go, flash of steel will crush our foes
To the fires of hell below, we’re the last dragonborn

Our journey leads us on and on
Through the lands out west and setting sun
Where the pillars of stone bar the path to all who try
The chants inscribed on the ancient walls
The screams of the past echo in the halls
Now the wizards arise from their watchtower in the sky

Onwards through the cold lands over endless nights and days
Many dangers lie ahead and many foes we have to face
Through the swamps of sadness and through forests stripped of light
But the eyes of Shor watch down on us tonight

Feel our time is coming now
Hold the line keep strong our ground
Now see their castles burning
Our swords and axes yearning
To the gods on high we now ascend

Under pale fading stars we sleep tonight
For our quest takes us far and so long
But with the rise of sun in the far eastern skies
Never bow down, for our kingdom come…

Album: Extreme Power Metal
DragonForce | 2022

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