Bob Marley & the Wailers – I’m Still Waiting

Lyrics I’m Still Waiting – Bob Marley & the Wailers

(I’m still waiting;
I’m still waiting;
I’m still waiting;
I’m still waiting for you,
Why, oh why? Why, oh why?)

I said-a my feet won’t keep me up anymore.
Well, every little beat my heart beats, girl,
It’s at-a your door.
I just want to love you
And I’m never gonna hurt you, girl.
So why won’t you come out to me now, girl?
Oh, can’t you see I’m under your spell?
But I got to – got to go.
Why, girl? Oh why, girl? Oh!

Woah, my gosh, the rain is fallin’,
And I just can’t stop callin’.
And I just can’t tell the raindrops
From my teardrops
Falling down my face.
Mm, look at it, yeah!
It isn’t really raindrops.

(I’m still waiting) Teardrops falling down my face.
(I’m still waiting)
(I’m still waiting) I’m still waitin’.
(I’m still waiting) Yes, I will.

I wait in the rain, I wait in the sun.
Please, relieve me from these pains,
Oh pains, just pains.
I love you, yes I do.
But tell me, do you really love me, too?
Mm-mm. Mm.

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